Property in Morocco

We have many years experience in the Moroccan property market and offer here a small selection of properties that we consider worth knowing about.

We are not interested in the main stream property and offer only properties that stand out from "the rest"...  Lovely villas, earth village dwellings, magical land and smart apartments.

We also offer:

  • Property search service. 
  • Maintenence contracts
  • Architectural studies
  • Building of earth houses

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Berber village house for sale near Marrakech Morocco

Dar Noah

Earth house, , Morocco
£ 625,000

Small but very spacious 6 bedroom house built from earth with two pools (1 is heated), various walled gardens, incredible views and lots of charm..

Full title deads, available for easy sale to Moroccans or non-Moroccans as VNA (vocation non-agricole) has been obtained.

Marrakech Property 819

City villa, ,
£ 1,614,140

Beautiful villa with a small palace architecture and exceptional finishing

Property for sale in Marrakech - 886

Riad, ,
£ 1,357,345

14 rooms,  800m2, sold furnished, separate riad for staff. Exceptional riad in the heart of the Medina. Two beautiful patios, living spaces remarkable, heated pool, central heating, plus two garages for perfect access

Property in Marrakech 878

City villa, ,
£ 1,000,500

 Beautiful villa located 500 meters from the Royal Golf  with pool

Marrakech Countryside Villa 901

Country villa, ,
£ 880,440

Beautiful villa located 10 km from Marrakech. Haven of peace offering beautiful garden and golf courses within 5 minutes

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A villa still denotes a sense of luxury, usually within in its own grounds or part of a complex with shared facilities, and often with a swimming pool.

All of the villas shown here have been built relatively recently (in the last 25 years), and are situated on the outskirts of town (usually Marrakech) or in the countryside.  All villas for sale have, to the best of our knowledge, full title and appropriate certificates to ensure that they have been legally built and registered. However, we recommend that you use your own independent solicitor to ensure that all paperwork is in order before you commit to purchase.

Riads to Renovate
A riad is a house with a garden or courtyard in the centre.  Historically, a riad was a large house with a central garden and a Dar was a small house with a courtyard, although recently these distinctions have become blurred.

It is both exciting and challenging to renovate a riad.  You will need planning permission or building consent, ideas and vision. You do not necessarily need an architect, although this can be helpful.  Equiping a home in Morocco is a wonderful experience using the endless markets to source architectural salvage and furniture.

If you are looking for a riad to renovate we advise that you stay at other riads both while looking and during renovation so that you can get good idea of what works for you.  You can book these through Lawrence of Morocco. 

Some riads have a full title deed, others have Melkia, and others are untitled. Please request our buying in Morocco guide by email.  We also advise that you always use your own independent solicitor and do NOT use the vendor’s solicitor.

We recommend that you use a reputable company for the renovations with clear estimates of costs.  It is essential that you have a clear record of money sent to Morocco so that you can export the money when you sell.  For this reason, we recommend that you establish a convertible Dirham bank account if planning to buy.  This means that you will have a clear record of all monies sent to Morocco as part of your house purchase and renovation costs.  You should also get a certificate of money transfers from the “Office des changes” right at the beginning of your investment.

Renovated Riads

When buying a renovated riad you need to consider how you want to use the house.  You may just want somewhere for you to visit occasionally or you may wish to let it pay its way as a Maison d’Hote.  If you wish to use it as a small hotel then you need to consider its reputation, its occupancy, its staffing levels, and its profitability.  Having built and managed two of our own small, successful hotels / maison d'hote in Marrakech we will be happy to advise you on such things.

Earth Houses

We offer a small selection of charming houses built in simple Berber villages near to Marrakech (24 km to 30 km).  Some of these houses have been built by us and some belong to friends and relatives.  Max Lawrence runs a small business in Morocco designing and building earth village houses with all mod cons..  The houses are built virtually solely rfom rammed earth, stones and straw utilising the same anciant traditional building techniques that have been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world including Morocco.  These properties are however equipped to withstand all conditions and are generally also equipped with central heating and heated swimming pools.

The price of land in Morocco has been riding rapidly over the past ten years..  however since 2008 there have been some great bargains around due to a slow down of the market.  Generally if it sounds like a bargain, then it probably has a problem.  I find that the properties worth owning, tend to hold their value very well and whilst being attractively priced in comparison with the UK, they remain an investment that requires thought and planning.

When buying land you need to make sure that you can develop on the land, and that there are no restrictions on how the property is subsequently used or sold.  You will need an architect and planning permission before you build, but if you buy a good plot of land you should be able to do with it whatever you choose within reason.

Please contact Max Lawrence for more infomation or a general chat about all things "property"...