The souks of Marrakech are a labarinthine rabbit warren of endless small and large shops, selling just about anything you could imagine...!  Once you enter, you should forget any plan to know at all times where you are and just accept getting 'lost'...  Carpets, ornaments, books, clothing, pottery, leather, silks, junk and many other items can be found and bought. Bargaining is a must! Larger items that you may buy can be shipped to your home country by the shops. You should always make sure that you get the relevent paperwork from the seller to ensure that your delivery arrives.

At the end of your souk adventure, end up in the Jma el Fna square for a glass of mint tea on a rooftop cafe and watch the madness below.



If you choose to take an official guide to lead you through the souks, please be warned now that you may be RIPPED OFF, MANIPULATED AND ABUSED!  Sad to say, but this is the reality and we prefer to let you know that from the outset but do not despair, YOU DO NOT NEED A GUIDE TO GO SHOPPING IN THE SOUKS!  Think about it for a moment... If you were going to a market in France, England, Greece or Italy for example, you would never think to yourself, "I think I will go and hire someone to go shopping with me".  No, you would just get in a taxi, on a bus, and turn up at the market and go and explore it, asking people as you go around where you might find a lamp or a pair of shoes or an area where a certain object can be found. We do this all the time everywhere else so WHY would you do any differently in Morocco?

There is nothing in the souks or markets that cannot be explained to you by the very capable shop keepers. There is little of historical importance in the markets and guides are of no benefit and will make the price of whatever you buy rise considerably because the shop keeper knows that he will have to pay between 20 and 60% of what you pay him, to the guide who has come in with you. That is how it works. Please enjoy the souks and you will, as they are thrilling, but know that this is better enjoyed without a guide.