With beautiful weather for most of the year, a lagoon of 8 km and deserted beaches, OUALIDIA is one of the pearls of the Morocco. Famous for its oyster production and seafood, this site is a magical paradise for water sports especially surfing.

Surfland, the first Moroccan surf school, was founded in 1991 by Laurent Miramon, a native and accomplished man of the sea. He chose to settle in Oualidia because its bay and lagoon provide ideal conditions for learning to surf: waves are filtered through a natural pass, thereby reducing size and power before they break on the sand bars. This configuration thus allows a gentle introduction, scalable and secure, with guarantee of success and daily practice, regardless of the size of the swell. These exceptional conditions also allow learning from an early age.

Oualidia also enjoys a favorable climate and a convenient location, midway between Casablanca (170 km) and Marrakech (180 km).