Surfing in Taghazoute (near Agadir)

Surfing & Kite Surfing, Agadir & Southern Coast

The village of Taghazoute has been a mecca for surfers since the 60's.

Taghazoute has been at the heart of the Moroccan surf culture for many decades and has a magical atmosphere that can only be described as a funky, hippy-chic surf village! Reggae can be heard playing from most cafes and the charming Berber culture welcomes people from around the world to chill out and enjoy the 'living on the rocks' lifestyle, with great waves to surf and a dream like climate all year round.

Accommodation in Taghazoute is made up of apartments for rent and we know the ones to use...  Don't go to Taghazoute if you are looking for five star luxury, but do go to enjoy a young, vibrant and relaxed beach experience with surfing and fishing at the heart of village life.

Chasing surfers in Morocco

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Max Lawrence - MD Lawrence of Morocco

When travelling around Morocco it is not (contrary to common belief) necessary for women to ‘cover up’ out of respect for local modesty traditions. Morocco is a very mixed society with Moroccans who dress as westerners and more traditional families dressing in a more traditional way.

The only areas of the country where it is advisable for women to cover up their legs and shoulders would be in some parts of the High Atlas Mountains (very remote areas) where the locals are rarely visited by foreigners. It is highly unlikely that you will be visiting these areas on any holiday arranged by Lawrence of Morocco.

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First travelled to Morocco in 1986. Lived and worked in Marrakech for 12 years.