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Morocco is a truly enchanting location for a wedding party. Getting it exactly right is not something we take lightly and our professional team of wedding planners are used to making sure that you feel in total confidence around your big day and the trip to bring together all your nearest and dearst. Over the years we have organised many truly magical and memorable wedding trips and we will be thrilled to help you investigate and plan your perfect wedding in Morocco.  Congratulations, you have found the best people for your most important day!

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There are many options for a wedding in Morocco, ranging from country locations, to spectacular riads, with facilities to accommodate you, your family and friends, whoever large or small a group you plan to be.

The way we work:  Start by either completing the simple contact form below or better still, phone us and ask to speak to our wedding team who will be as excited about your plans as you are.  We will start by assessing the size of your group, the proposed dates for the wedding and the dates for the surrounding trip.  We will then ask you to tell us about you, your spouse to be and to give us as much information as you can to enable us to gain a little insight into who you are as a couple.  The reason for this is to enable us to whisk you away into the dreamworld of a million and one options but to save you the energy of hearing about things that are simply not you.

A wedding in Morocco is a statement in itself but one that can be expressed in many ways.  Whether you are dreaming of a sophisticated garden wedding in the palmeraie (palm groves) of Marrakech, a simple Berber mountain venue where your group can enjoy stunning views all day and even at night (of the cosmos through clear skies), or perhaps you are tempted to venture with your loved ones into the Sahara desert and to sleep in tents with impressive Moroccan folklore to set the backdrop to your marriage.  There is always the Atlantic coast with the most epic wedding backdrop of the crashing sea or perhaps the calm lagoon of Oualidia with its magical sand bars as a moving backdrop to the start of your lives together.

To get your party on the road, please fill in this form and provide us with a starting point. We will need to speak to you on the telephone to fully understand your needs and desires for your important event in Morocco.

Questions & Information about Your Moroccan wedding...

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Official paperwork

As long as you are only having a ‘symbolic / non-legal’ wedding party then you require no papers at all.
If you want to get married in the Catholic church then you have to prove that you are Catholic and this is done by having your home church send a letter to the catholic church in Marrakech to confirm this.
What is not possible is to have (like in UK) the registry book signed at the church.  In UK people either go to the registry office on the same day to do the legal stuff or they have the registrar come to the church to have this signed on the spot.  This is not possible in Morocco.

What most people do is to do the registry office bit in UK at home a day before going out, then have the wedding ceremony in Morocco.  Legal date of marriage will be that of the registry office bit (on the marriage certificate).  Most people are fine with that.

Jewish weddings are different as the rabbi (orthodox only in Morocco) provides his own wedding certificate (called a ‘ketubah’) which can then be registered in another country as a legal proof of marriage.  Some people bring their own rabbi (easier but more expensive) but Morocco has some rabbi’s but this is more complex as requires preparation etc.

Muslim weddings can be legally provided for but the paperwork would have to be verified to convert this to a UK marriage certificate. It depends whose authority you are interested in having etc. Residency is not an issue although if you are French then you can get married at the French consulate in Marrakech.

Planning within a budget

Your budget is something which at the initial stages of planning your wedding in Morocco may not be clear and if you are like most people, the budget may change along the way.  We are used to dealing with budget issues and have many options for tailoring your wedding trip package to your financial situation.  A wedding is not always straightforward and the budget is certainly one of these areas which can change with time (either upwards or downwards).  

Questions which you are probably considering:

Who is paying for the wedding?  Traditions and situations vary and today it is common for a wedding to be paid by multiple people / families.

What is included in that wedding budget?  Some couples pay for their families to be there and leave the expense of friends getting to Morocco to the individuals.  Some weddings take on all expenses (but this is rare).  In any case, you will need someone to manage your guests individual travel arrangements, who is staying where and what is included for them and what is not.  We have clever systems for (a) managing these groups requirements (b) Communicating with your guest lists to inform them of the costs  involved and to provide them with financially acceptable accommodation options for their desired spend (c) to coordinate their payments so that there is no need for you to discuss any of this with them.  All our communications are formal, appropriate and sensitive to each individuals financial situation.

Which type of venue for the wedding party will we be able to afford?  We are able to offer each type of location with varied budgets (varying in optional extras, food, bar, entertainment etc)

Venue & accommodation

Q.  Should we choose a venue which can accommodate all of our guests on-site?

A.  No, the best way to choose your wedding party venue is not to worry about your guests staying on-site.  This would greatly reduce your options and would certainly lead to you choosing a less individual, less authentic and less charming venue for the wedding reception.  Wedding parties vary greatly in size, from 5 to 500 people or more.  In our experience the average wedding we do has somewhere between 50 and 150 family and guests and this more often than not means finding a great venue which offers the right space to welcome and entertain but probably does not offer accommodation for the guests to stay on-site.

Examples of such venues would be sumptious villa's in the Marrakech palm groves or a stunning formal riad in the depths of the Marrakech medina.  Such places rarely offer more than a handful of rooms and suites.  Perhaps however enough space for you to consider having your close families (or one of your families, generally the brides family) staying on-site.  This allows easy access for the bride and her family.


Q.  Can we have our wedding ceremony at the same place as the wedding reception?

A.  Absolutely.  This tends to be the case in many weddings (non-Catholic couples) in Morocco, due to the fact that the only people who can be married in the Catholic Churches in the country are Catholics.  Other Christian and most Jewish, Muslim and non-religious weddings tend to have the wedding ceremony or wedding blessing take place in a lovely garden, a desert camp, a beach or on the side of a mountain!



Flowers, music & dance


Of course your wedding in Morocco would not be complete without a truly wonderful combination of visual, musical and theatrical elements to animate the day or evening wedding party.  We are able to offer you pretty much anything you could imagine including local, traditional folklore, Arab and Berber musicians, singers, dancers, cultural troops of celebratory wedding criers, screaming women, acrobats, magicians, falconers and much more!

Non Local

On the less local front, we can offer classical musicians, jazz groups, klezmer, reggae, Tzigane, rock bands and just about any other form of musical entertainment you could imagine.  Some can be sourced locally and some we would have to fly in for your special day.  In any case, fear not, we are capable of creating the moment you desire.


Floral arrangements are a delight at Moroccan weddings thanks to the incredibly beautiful array of flowers grown locally and arranged by our team of talented flower arrangers.  This is an area where one can really go for gold as the considerably inexpensive cost of cut flowers in Morocco make it possible to take be far more lavish here than it would in Europe due to the exorbitant costs involved.


We can include high end sound and light setups with smart dance floors for your all night boogying!

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions and general information regarding organising a wedding in Morocco. 

The aim is to give you both reassurance and inspiration for your wedding trip. 

There are of course many more areas which are not covered here but out intention is to freely provide you with basic knowledge that you will want and need.  There is however no better way than to get in touch directly with one of us. 

We not only have extensive knowledge gathered over many years of organising original Moroccan weddings, but having lived in Morocco for many years, we know how the country works and how to best motivate the teams who will be making your dream day a total knockout.