In keeping with their philosophy of wide access, there is a range of accommodation / pricing options from £35 through to £170 per person and beyond. The same public spaces and services are shared by all guests. This means there will be times when the mix of guest covers a wide spectrum of the travelling public. The original rooms have been kept in the Kasbah as Berber salons for multiple occupancy by families, walking and school groups. The en-suite rooms in the gardens have been built catering for most modern comforts. The Garden House includes a spectacular apartment that meets the requirements of most people and has been rented by celebrities. Guests from all walks of life stay at the Kasbah and enjoy its philosophy of equality, its facilities and its friendly staff.

However it is important to realise that it is not necessarily for everyone. Its unique broad-based approach to welcoming guests may not suit those that expect the place to be perfectly “dressed” at all times. People expecting an approach more typical of a 4/5 star hotel should think carefully before visiting.

For your Moroccan Atlas mountain holiday at the Toubkal, call 01672 500555 to discuss your plans.