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The market in Asni is exciting and Ouirgane is one of those places on Earth that makes you want to stay!

A day in the Atlas mountains is a must when visiting Marrakech.  So near and yet so very different and spectacular.  The drive through the winding hills and charming Berber villages is a pleasure in itself.  The market in Asni operates on Saturday and is really worth the visit.  You will see all sorts of things being sold there from animals vegetables to jewelry and second hand plumbing!  If you do this excursion on a Tuesday you will visit the market of Tahnaoute instead.

We suggest lunch at Chez Momo (a small and friendly hotel and restaurant) in the village of Ouirgane.  From there you can go for a wander by foot or a donkey ride in the peaceful countryside of the valley, visit the huge reservoir recently built or go horse riding from La Roseraie (a lovely hotel in the village).

Return to Marrakech by around 4 pm.

IMPORTANT regarding horse riding headgear:

If you book a horse riding activity as part of your holiday package.  The availability of protective headgear for horse riding can vary from destination to destination and therefore we cannot guarantee that headgear will be provided or will be the same standard as those available in the UK.  For your own protection, we strongly suggest you to bring with you your own protective headgear for use on this riding activity.

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We know Morocco intimately

Max Lawrence - MD Lawrence of Morocco

When travelling around Morocco it is not (contrary to common belief) necessary for women to ‘cover up’ out of respect for local modesty traditions. Morocco is a very mixed society with Moroccans who dress as westerners and more traditional families dressing in a more traditional way.

The only areas of the country where it is advisable for women to cover up their legs and shoulders would be in some parts of the High Atlas Mountains (very remote areas) where the locals are rarely visited by foreigners. It is highly unlikely that you will be visiting these areas on any holiday arranged by Lawrence of Morocco.

Max Lawrence, Owner

First travelled to Morocco in 1986. Lived and worked in Marrakech for 12 years.