Morocco offers good weather 12 months of the year but there are different places to visit at different times and this also depends on how you like your weather.

Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb are winter months but offer lovely warm days and cold nights. Generally sunny and bright with temperatures in the high teens during the day and chilly at night.

March, April, May and June are all lovely months with weather warming up more and more. Low to high twenties and warmer nights. Ideal all over the country. Inland, coast and Southern Morocco (Sahara).

July and especially August are HOT months with temperatures inland reaching 46 C but the heat is very dry so not as tiring as humid heat. Southern Morocco, Marrakech and Fes can be very intense at this time of year (especially for the elderly). The Coast however is ideal at this time of year with temperatures in the high 20’s and low 30’s. Perfect beach weather!

September and October are lovely months with the warmth left over form the summer but very comfortable all over the country.

The distinct areas of Morocco (Coast on the west, Rif mountains in the North, Atlas Mountains in the interior, Sahara Desert to the south & east) make for differing climates across the country, so that it is a good destination all year round, to catch the sun, experience the vibrancy of the cities, or go walking in the mountains.

Daily sunshine ranges from 13 hours in the desert to nine & 10 on the Atlantic. In the winter, you'll see up to 6 hours in the North, increasing to 7 or 8 as you move south.

The north coast (Tangier) and the Rif mountains Chefchaouen) have a Mediterranean style climate: hot and generally continuous sunshine between May and September, warm & sunny days interspersed with rainy periods for the rest of the year.

The Atlantic coast (Casablanca) sees most rain, with the heaviest falls in winter. Moving further south, the Sahara encroaches closer to the coast and the climate is drier. The coast is very mild in winter and avoids the snow that can be seen throughout the year on the peaks of the Atlas mountains.

While the cities can get very hot in the summer months, mid-level altitudes are pleasant and it is a pleasure to stay in the mountains, for instance at the Kasbah Tamadot and also on the Atlantic coast (Oualidia).

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