City Hotels in Marrakech

Marrakech has some stunning hotels that are neither riad's or country hotels. The larger city hotels have much to offer and some of Marrakech's most luxurious hotels are of a more conventional hotel design. Reasons for staying in one of these larger, more 'hotelish' hotels, are that they often offer services and facilities that the smaller, riad style hotels cannot, due to lack of space.

Apart from the fact that some people just prefer larger hotels that feel like a hotel as opposed to staying in someone's home, these luxury hotels in Marrakech offer a choice of restaurants, full 24 hour room service, bars, spa facilities, night life including night clubs and casino's and more. These larger hotels are also easier to get in and out of by car and often have sporting facilities such as tennis, fitness gym and larger swimming pools.

If the more traditional riads aren't for you and you're looking for boutique hotels or luxury hotels, Marrakech definitely has a wide variety of options for you to choose from with all the facilities and services you could dream of anywhere else in the world.