Multi-centre Holidays

Morocco is a country of incredible contrast and whilst more and more people are flying to Morocco for regular weekends away, staying mainly in the main centres of Marrakech and Essaouira, the country has so much more to offer those with more time on their hands to explore and to take the time to include more of the main ingredients on offer in Morocco.

Marrakech is and always has been the 'hub' for most travellers to Morocco due to its convenient location, within 30 km of the Atlas mountains, only two and a half hours from Essaouira and three hours from Oualidia (both coastal locations). It is also the gateway to the South and driving from Marrakech across the high Atlas mountains and down into the start of the desert areas; Ouarzazate is only three hours by road, and what a road!

Fes is another exciting, fascinating and truly unique city which deserves a visit. Fes is located rather out on a limb in relation to Marrakech but has some great options for combining with touring down through the Middle Atlas and into the desert allowing one to loop through the desert and come back up over the high Atlas mountains either to end up in Marrakech or to head further west to the Atlantic coast driving with the Anti-Atlas range on your left until you hit Taroudant and then Agadir.

A multi centre coastal holiday is also possible by starting in Agadir and hugging the spectacular coastline up through Taghazoute, Tamri, Essaouira, Safi, Oualidia, El Jadida and then to visit Casablanca and more importantly Rabat, the capital city which feels unlike most capitals in that it is rather relaxed, quiet and charming with its old medina and interesting creative scene.

Tangier is an interesting place to be for a few days too. This northern city, once a free port has a reputation of being rather sleazy but in recent years has been cleaned up well. From Tangier one can travel South to the blue mountain village of Chefchaouen and then continue on to Fes, Meknes and if you are into Roman ruins then Volubilis is worth a visit.

Travelling around the country is made easy by our tailor made service which will build all the transfers by excellent English speaking drivers in reliable, new and safe vehicles.

A multi centre holiday in Morocco is most definitely the best way to enjoy the country and this is our real forte. We provide a level of service which is hard to find elsewhere and certainly not when booking through anyone who is not specialised in Morocco as a sole destination.