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Morocco is a truly enchanting location for a wedding party and we have organised many truly magical and memorable wedding trips.

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions and general information regarding organising a wedding in Morocco. The aim is to give you both reassurance and inspiration for your wedding trip. 

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Weddings and events in Morocco

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There are many options for a wedding in Morocco, ranging from country locations, to spectacular riads, with facilities to accommodate you, your family and friends, whoever large or small a group you plan to be.

Our professional team of wedding planners are used to making sure that you feel in total confidence around your big day and the trip to bring together all your nearest and dearest. Over the years we have organised many truly magical and memorable wedding trips and we will be thrilled to help you investigate and plan your perfect wedding in Morocco.  Congratulations, you have found the best people for your most important day! 

There are of course many more areas which are not covered here but out intention is to freely provide you with basic knowledge that you will want and need.  There is however no better way than to get in touch directly with one of us.  

We not only have extensive knowledge gathered over many years of organising original Moroccan weddings, but having lived in Morocco for many years, we know how the country works and how to best motivate the teams who will be making your dream day a total knockout.

The way we work:  Start by either completing the simple contact form below or better still, phone us and ask to speak to our wedding team who will be as excited about your plans as you are.  We will start by assessing the size of your group, the proposed dates for the wedding and the dates for the surrounding trip.  We will then ask you to tell us about you, your spouse to be and to give us as much information as you can to enable us to gain a little insight into who you are as a couple.  The reason for this is to enable us to whisk you away into the dreamworld of a million and one options but to save you the energy of hearing about things that are simply not you.

A wedding in Morocco is a statement in itself but one that can be expressed in many ways.  Whether you are dreaming of a sophisticated garden wedding in the palmeraie (palm groves) of Marrakech, a simple Berber mountain venue where your group can enjoy stunning views all day and even at night (of the cosmos through clear skies), or perhaps you are tempted to venture with your loved ones into the Sahara desert and to sleep in tents with impressive Moroccan folklore to set the backdrop to your marriage.  There is always the Atlantic coast with the most epic wedding backdrop of the crashing sea or perhaps the calm lagoon of Oualidia with its magical sand bars as a moving backdrop to the start of your lives together.

To get your party on the road, please fill in the contact form and provide us with a starting point. We will need to speak to you on the telephone to fully understand your needs and desires for your important event in Morocco.


Hippocampe Hotel Oualidia Morocco

Your arrangements all worked to the letter.

Dear Max,

Your arrangements all worked to the letter. We loved Les yeux Bleu.  My wife in particular thought the renovations and general style very much to her taste, and staff were excellent.  They provided us with a delicious supper on our first night.  Oualidia - as beautiful as predicted, and the Hippocampe friendly and welcoming, from the boss (M …

Bill Willison

We explored all the zebra-skins, live chameleons, piles of indigo and jars of argan oil in the souk.

Deputy Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Sasha Slater, travelled with her family to Marrakech and Ouirgane with Lawrence of Morocco in April 2014.

We know Morocco intimately

We really know Morocco and have had the pleasure of making many people's dream trips become reality over the years. It has been our privilege to be asked to manage holidays, weddings and productions for so many fantastic and discerning clients. We remain small and dedicated to providing excellent honest advice to enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy the fun bits without having to manage the unpredictability of this fascinating country.

If you want it done right, look no further!

Lawrence of Morocco