Riads in Marrakech

We are very selective about which riads we work with.  Today there are so many riads on offer, but so few of these meet our high standards for design, food, service and technical reliability.  We work with the very best riads in Marrakech and nothing less.

A riad is a house built around an open courtyard most of the light entering the home from the centre of the house. The rooms are built around the courtyard, often with cloisters around the ground floor level, offering protection both from the strong light during summer months and also from the rain during the winter months.

Houses were traditionally all built in this way to comply with the Islamic belief that one's home should be private and protect the people, most importantly the women of the household from the gaze of the neighbours.

In recent years, some of these very beautiful houses have been restored and converted into guest houses (which have become commonly known as 'riads').

Riads in Marrakech are a great place to stay on your holiday, offering an authentic experience, the surroundings surpassing a standard hotel where you could be in any country. And don't think that staying in a riad means you have to settle for less; there is a wide array of luxury riads in Marrakech for you to choose from, where you will be treated like royalty and can sit back and enjoy your holiday with all of life's little luxuries.