Tailor-made Morocco tours

We have always encouraged clients to do more with their time in Morocco than just to remain in one place. The country is diverse and full of contrast and a luxury tour in Morocco can be anything you want it to be. We believe that by combining Marrakech with a fishing village on the Atlantic coast, or a mountain retreat hotel with an exciting 48 hours in the city of Fes is the way to make your holiday a memorable one.

Travelling through Morocco by road is easy and the roads are generally good. A drive across the High Atlas Mountains or through a part of the south of Morocco will leave lasting and graphic memories for years to come. A Morocco tour is an experience not to be missed, and will change an annual holiday into the trip of a lifetime.

This is a selection of ideas for tailor-made/bespoke itineraries in Morocco - any suggested tour is customised to meet your own requirements.