Desert Camps in South

The Sahara desert for many people conjures up images of Lawrence of Arabia and sleeping in remote desert camps under canvas.  We offer a wide selection of locations to fit your specific itinerary depending on how much time you are able to spend getting there.  Some of these camps  are quite remote when coming from Marrakech and can require 10 hours of driving which can be broken with overnight  stops.  For those clients who have longer to spend in the desert, these more remote camps work well and can offer a very rewarding experience but we know that for  some, less time spent traveling is important.  The camps vary in levels of comfort and we will be happy to discuss the options with you by phone / email.

Some of the camps require a 4x4 driver transfer from a meeting point en route and others can be easily navigated to using the printed directions  we provide to self drive clients.  All camps provide a truly memorable experience based on the concept of ‘less is more’ and the magical silence of the Sahara.