Group travel and guided tours to Morocco - Max Lawrence guides very special tours of Morocco

Fixed departure guided tours of Morocco with Max Lawrence as your leader.  These tours are unique in that Max's aim is not only to show you the country but also to introduce you to interesting people in each location.

Having lived and worked in Morocco since 1993 and been visiting regularly since the age of 11, Max Lawrence (Managing Director of Lawrence of Morocco) has become somewhat an exceptional specialist in the country.

Speaking both Arabic and French and having spent years organising tailor made tours for discerning clients from around the world as well as producing photographic and film shoots across Morocco and building two hotels and various houses in Marrakech and the surrounding countryside, Max knows Morocco intimately!

Tour operating is changing fast and Max has decided to go back to doing what he really loves; taking people around Morocco and showing them the real Morocco, the real Moroccans and steering them away from the tourist traps which tend to populate most guided tours of the country.

To show you the real Morocco and introduce you to people who make the country so very interesting, Max has decided to guide you himself!

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Max Lawrence guides very special tours of Morocco

A tour across Morocco with Max is no ordinary tour…  you will not only see the sights but you will meet the real people, people form very different walks of life from farmers to architects and doctors.  Having been in Morocco for so long, Max has endless interesting contacts he wants to introduce you to.  These are people who make up the patchwork of society in Morocco and most of them are people who you would never get to meet on an ordinary tour.

Keeping the groups small (up to 25 people per group) allows Max to be with you all, share stories and walk wit you through the interesting places you will be going.  Max is a people person and often tags along other interesting people to the group for you to get to know and absorb real life Morocco from.
Taking a tour with a local Moroccan guide can (if you are lucky) be a good experience but more often than not, visitors to Morocco who are paired up with a local guide tend to complain of the guides lack of interest, lack of motivation to take them to the places they really want to see and most commonly the horrific manipulation that guides undertake to constantly take you into carpet shops and other places where you really don’t want to be and where people end up getting fleeced!
Max is one of your group, he just knows the ropes and wants his group to benefit from his many years of knowledge of how best to make a tour through Morocco work.
Some evenings there will be guest speakers who come to either have drinks or eat with the group.  People who you would never get the opportunity of meeting without Max.


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We could not have been looked after better.

Dear Max

Thanks for arranging such a great trip for us. Splitting our time between the mountains & Marrakesh was just what we needed.

Maroc Lodge was fantastic. We could not have been looked after better. The highlight was the guided tour with Latife. She was exceptionally knowledgable and we really enjoyed hearing a woman's perspective on life in the ...

Alison MCL

The bar was heaving with expats and locals, as the band kicked out their brand of Afro-Oriental fusion.

Travel writer, Martin Hemming, travelled to Rabat with Lawrence of Morocco in March 2014, writing for the Sunday Times.

We know Morocco intimately

We really know Morocco and have had the pleasure of making many people's dream trips become reality over the years. It has been our privilege to be asked to manage holidays, weddings and productions for so many fantastic and discerning clients. We remain small and dedicated to providing excellent honest advice to enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy the fun bits without having to manage the unpredictability of this fascinating country.

If you want it done right, look no further!

Lawrence of Morocco