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Morocco is a truly enchanting location for a wedding party and we have organised many truly magical and memorable wedding trips.

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions and general information regarding organising a wedding in Morocco. The aim is to give you both reassurance and inspiration for your wedding trip. 

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Q.  Should we choose a venue which can accommodate all of our guests on-site?

A.  No, the best way to choose your wedding party venue is not to worry about your guests staying on-site.  This would greatly reduce your options and would certainly lead to you choosing a less individual, less authentic and less charming venue for the wedding reception.  Wedding parties vary greatly in size, from 5 to 500 people or more.  In our experience the average wedding we do has somewhere between 50 and 150 family and guests and this more often than not means finding a great venue which offers the right space to welcome and entertain but probably does not offer accommodation for the guests to stay on-site.

Examples of such venues would be sumptuous villa's in the Marrakech palm groves or a stunning formal riad in the depths of the Marrakech medina.  Such places rarely offer more than a handful of rooms and suites.  Perhaps however enough space for you to consider having your close families (or one of your families, generally the brides family) staying on-site.  This allows easy access for the bride and her family.

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Q.  Can we have our wedding ceremony at the same place as the wedding reception?

A.  Absolutely.  This tends to be the case in many weddings (non-Catholic couples) in Morocco, due to the fact that the only people who can be married in the Catholic Churches in the country are Catholics.  Other Christian and most Jewish, Muslim and non-religious weddings tend to have the wedding ceremony or wedding blessing take place in a lovely garden, a desert camp, a beach or on the side of a mountain!



Overall we had a great time, we would return to Marrakech!

Hi Max

Thanks for your email, overall we had a great time, we would return to Marrakech, and we would definitely recommend you to all of our friends that are thinking of going to Morocco.

The La Sultana was fantastic in every aspect, and especially the staff. The Balloon flight was a bit disappointing, in part due to the weather. …

Ian Hellens

The best dinner spot was at the riad hotel we were staying, Villa Maroc, where they serve huge platters of meat or fish tagine by candlelight.

Novelist Anna Stothard travelled to Essaouira with Lawrence of Morocco in August 2012, writing for the Observer Magazine.

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