Falconry Day Trip

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Members of the Kwassem tribe - the inheritors of the tradition of Moroccan falconry introduce you to the secrets of their art.

After explanation on the capture of wild falcons they use for hunting, they show you the various stages of training and make a demonstration flight with their spectacular high-flying hawks.

Then there will be little eagles that you may be able to carry on their wrist, equipped with a falconry glove. Loads of positive emotions, great photos and memories are guaranteed!


In the grand nomadic tent the Kwassems, the inheritors of the tradition of Moroccan falconry introduce you their art.

Presentation of falcons:

High-flying birds (Lanner and Peregrine, Gyrfalcon) high pole.

Low-flying birds (Harris Eagle) on their perch.

Presentation of falconry equipment: gloves, hoods, lure, falconer, jets, telemetry, loin, needles, etc. 
Explanation and history.

Falconry: demonstration flight

Flight of a falcon to the lure (in the space provided on the site) and return of the falcon to the wrist of the participant.

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