A Full Day in Marrakech

Excursions from Marrakech, Marrakech

This tour offers a complete visit to the essential Marrakesh.

Dating from the ninth century, Marrakesh has been a gateway to the Sahara desert and a major stop on the caravan route where traders and travellers from different parts of the world would meet. Marrakesh's identity has been polished by a rich and complex history and an ancient tradition of hospitality which, for centuries, has fascinated and welcomed visitors.

We start our discovery tour of Marrakech from the 12th century archaeological site of the Koutoubia mosque which stands on the spot where the history of Marrakesh started.

We go through the Bab Agnaou gate and visit the historical 16th century Saadian Tombs. Afterwards we walk through the 12th century Kasbah with its food market, bakeries and narrow alleyways.

We visit the remains of the El Badi palace built in the 16th century and admire the marvellous Minbar made in 1137 in Cordoba and sent to the King to be used as a pulpit in the big mosque of Marrakech.

We will invite you to enter the l9th century Bahia palace and marvel at the intricate work done by local artisans which decorates this splendid home built by a powerful prime minister of that time.

We end our morning tour with a stroll inside the Jewish quarter to visit the historical synagogue (if open) built in 1492 by Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain. After an optional break for lunch, our guide will help us to navigate through the maze of colourful streets to discover a multitude of traditional crafts that are made in Marrakech and the surrounding area. These crafts are displayed in different areas depending on their trades. Stop every now and then at your leisure and haggle, if you wish, over the price of different items. Visit one of the many herbalist stores in the Souks and learn about Moroccan spices, medicinal herbs and essential oils.

We will end our stroll at the UNESCO world heritage site, Jemaa El Fna where you will discover some of the local folklore traditions such as musicians, dancers, acrobats and snake charmers. It might feel like being on the set of a movie but actually this has been everyday life in Marrakesh for over a thousand years.

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