Travelling in Morocco - Health & Safety

Morocco is a safe place to travel, even as a woman alone. Common sense is all you need really to get by without problems. Below is a collection of useful information to help you get off on the right foot. We are always happy to discuss these matters in more detail with you by telephone or email. We have many years of experience and have lived in the country for over a decade and will be able to help you with any questions you may have.


Health & Safety

Good health care is available in major cities across the country.  Even in smaller towns there are doctors to help with minor injuries, sickness and other less complicated medical needs.  If you were to become seriously ill or injured, we always advise to come back to a main city to be treated in a private clinic where all modern equipment is available.  Marrakech has an excellent hospital; Polyclinique du Sud and you should not hesitate to go there in an emergency.  

If you need a doctor to visit you in your hotel you can either ask the reception to call you a doctor or you can call our Marrakech office and Souad will be happy to arrange a doctor for you.

If in Marrakech you can call directly DR. REITZER (the official French consulate GP and our family doctor in Marrakech for the past 18 years)  Practice no:  05-24-43-95-62  or Mobile:  06-61-17-38-03

**Do not rely on ambulances to come quickly. In an emergency, get to the hospital by your own means of transport.  Ambulances are not equipped to deal with medical emergencies, they just get the patient to the hospital**


Below is a list of the officially recommended immunisations to take before travelling to Morocco. However, you should always talk to a doctor prior to a trip and follow their advice:

Courses or boosters usually advised:   Hepatitis A; Typhoid. (virtually unheard of in 90% of the country)
Other vaccines to consider:   Hepatitis B; Rabies; Tetanus.
No yellow fever vaccination certificate required for this country.

Unofficial word:  Vaccination are not required for travel to Morocco.  As long as you are up to date with all your normal boosters and are not travelling to the extreme South of the country.


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We really know Morocco and have had the pleasure of making many people's dream trips become reality over the years. It has been our privilege to be asked to manage holidays, weddings and productions for so many fantastic and discerning clients. We remain small and dedicated to providing excellent honest advice to enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy the fun bits without having to manage the unpredictability of this fascinating country.

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