Travelling in Morocco - Hotels - what to expect

Morocco is a safe place to travel, even as a woman alone. Common sense is all you need really to get by without problems. Below is a collection of useful information to help you get off on the right foot. We are always happy to discuss these matters in more detail with you by telephone or email. We have many years of experience and have lived in the country for over a decade and will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

Hotels - what to expect

Hotel Classification

The grading of hotels in Morocco can be confusing. Moroccan standards or ratings should not be compared with those of other countries. Hotel classification is the sole responsibility of the Moroccan authorities and bears no relation to the prices we have negotiated individually with hotels. The authorities can change a hotel grading without prior notice. There are differences between the standards of different hotels of the same grade.


The layout of a Riad is unlike that of an hotel, in that they are not purpose built, soundproofed modern buildings with dedicated designed facilities. They are heritage buildings designed originally to provide wealthy families with privacy and comfort with all rooms facing in towards a central courtyard, the heart of the building - the modern adaption and conversion of these allows for guest to experience the unique accommodation, whilst the former utility areas are now used as service areas. This formula is generic now amongst almost all the hundreds of converted Riads and "Dars" in Morocco. The rooms may not always provide for intimate privacy and some noise may be heard due to the general occupation and workings of the building.

Lawrence of Morocco uses its own "palm tree" rating system which reflects the following:

Facilities at hotels

It must be noted that some hotel facilities, as described on our site, may, at certain times not function fully. This may be due to many reasons e.g. a pool being emptied and cleaned. These decisions are part of normal hotel running and are at the discretion of the hotel management. If, however, we are made aware of any closure or of any other alterations to the hotel description, we will pass this on to you as soon as we can, though it is rare for hotels to give tour operators advance notice of works or changes within the hotels. Neither the hotels used nor Lawrence of Morocco accept responsibility for anything outside their private grounds e.g. noise or construction work near to the hotel.  All rooms at all hotels featured in this brochure have private bathrooms with shower and or bath, w.c. and many also have a bidet.

Swimming Pools

Some hotels claim to heat their pools during the winter months. However, what they call "heated" and what we call "heated" may not be commensurate and Lawrence of Morocco accepts no responsibility for the definition of "heated" nor the distinction of Winter months.


If you have any complaints about any of the hotels in which you stay, you should bring these to the attention of the hotel management immediately so that the problem can be resolved during your stay. If you encounter a problem and mention it to the Reception or Manager and nothing is done about it, then we suggest you put it in writing to them and send a copy to us on your return which will enable us to deal with it on your behalf. Dress in almost all hotels is informal.


Service in Morocco is generally good but it must be said that reaction times of staff can at times (especially in hotels in the south of Morocco or in small rural hotels) be longer than commonly acceptable in Europe.  The main reason for this is often in extra-urban areas there are no available staff with proper hotel school training and owners of these rural properties take on and train up local villagers.  These people do their very best to do a good job, but at times the lack of organisation can be felt when waiting for a drink or a meal.  We suggest that when things are taking a long time, you should not be shy and go and ask to speak to someone more senior at the hotel.  These delays are generally very quickly sorted out IF YOU ASK..!




Lawrence of Morocco made this a very enjoyable.

Hi Max,

Overall a great holiday:

Les Deux Tours - loved this hotel, food was excellent, service was ok, but could have been better, internet connection was sporadic. Superb setting.

Medina Treasures Tour - was too long for us, we didn't finish it til half one and it was a really hot day. Was interesting though and worth doing. Our …

Kate Cannon

The bar was heaving with expats and locals, as the band kicked out their brand of Afro-Oriental fusion.

Travel writer, Martin Hemming, travelled to Rabat with Lawrence of Morocco in March 2014, writing for the Sunday Times.

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