Travelling in Morocco - Service & tipping

Morocco is a safe place to travel, even as a woman alone. Common sense is all you need really to get by without problems. Below is a collection of useful information to help you get off on the right foot. We are always happy to discuss these matters in more detail with you by telephone or email. We have many years of experience and have lived in the country for over a decade and will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

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Service & tipping

In Morocco tipping is “par for the course” and you will be expected to put you hand in your pocket for those little services e.g. bell-boy at the hotel, taxi drivers, your guide, parking attendants etc.  Twenty Dirhams is enough for the bell-boy / porter , five or ten Dirhams if taking somebody’s picture. 

13.4 DH = aprox £1 (GBP)  


  • Simple street cafe's 5 Dh
  • Chic modern cafe / lounge bar 10-20 Dh
  • Simple restaurant (street food) 10 Dh
  • Smarter restaurant 80-150 Dh
  • Hotel porter 20-50 Dh
  • Guardian for car parking 3 Dh
  • Driver on shorter transfer (-1 hours) 50-150 Dh
  • Driver on longer transfer (1+ hours) 100-300 Dh
  • Your guide after a half or full day tour 100-300 Dh


One important note.  It is not a good idea to offer coins to children who ask for them as once you do offer a coin, the other children are likely to pounce on him / her and they will fight (brutally) over the coin in question.  This can be very upsetting to watch.

Beggars are commonplace and generally polite in the large cities and are often found at traffic lights where they approach car windows.  It is of course a personal decision how to react to these but I would suggest giving only to those who seem to be clean and sober as many young men finance their glue sniffing habit by begging.  Glue sniffing is very destructive both to their health and to society as a whole.  Children will try to sell boxes of tissues and other such items and it is fine to give to them.  Old beggars who are blind or looking for money to purchase medications will often show you a paper which is a medical prescription which they cannot afford to buy without charitable donations.  Please remember that some of these are real and some are professionals.



Wwonderful holiday

Dear Chris,

We have just come back from a wonderful holiday and wanted first of all to say thank you, and also to give you a little bit of (I hope) helpful feedback. ........So - thank you to you and your team for helping us have such a successful introduction to Morocco. We'll be in touch again when we plan …


The Selman certainly doesn’t do anything by halves, and as for Morocco, more of the same please.

Freelance travel writer, Susannah Osborne, travelled to Marrakech with Lawrence of Morocco in September 2012, writing for the Financial Times.

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